Taste of Catalonian food in EXPO 2021

Mabel Hoyos Guijarro, Directora hebany posing with Chef Paco Perez Food and culture play an important role in any country in our special run upto the Expo series we bring out various dishes which will be prepared especially for the audience this season. Celebrity chef Paco Pérez who is a very well known Catalan chef who owns 5 Michelin stars was in Dubai recently during Expo to promote Catalonian food.  Vasuijt Kalia in conversation with Paco Perez during his recent Dubai visit to Expo....
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Nace en Dubái el concepto hotelero, Catalan Breakfast

La comida mediterránea está de moda y Cataluña aprovecha este tirón para presentar la alta calidad de sus alimentos. La Generalitat de Cataluña ha puesto en marcha un concepto novedoso: los Catalan Breakfast. Un modelo de desayuno saludable que, desde ya, lo pueden disfrutar en Dubái los clientes del Grand Hotel Stay. Está previsto que, en los próximos meses, el Catalan Breakfast se ofrezca en más de 60 hoteles de la cadena Marriott de todo Oriente Medio.Índice de este artículo MOSTRAR A partir de...
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12 empreses catalanes participen amb Prodeca en el projecte internacional Catalan Breakfast

Catalan Breakfast és una iniciativa impulsada per Prodeca amb l’objectiu de d’incorporar el model d’esmorzar català, amb el pa amb tomàquet com a element central, en l’oferta hotelera internacional de 4 i 5 estrelles El projecte s’ha presentat aquest dissabte al Grand Hotel Stay Marriott de Dubai (Emirats Àrabs) i durant el 2022 està previst ampliar el catàleg d’hotels adherits a la iniciativa Catalan Breakfast Una dotzena d’empreses agroalimentàries catalanes de diversos sectors i amb certificat Halal reconegut pels Emirats Àrabs participen en la...
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Catalan Breakfast Organic consist in: The natural food at that time consisted mainly of vegetables. The followers tried to find food that was free of any additives and extra treatment. Already at that time food was prepared in order to allow a longer shelf life.

People who buy organic products also usually buy more nutritious foods. Studies have confirmed that organic products contain on average 27.0 % more vitamin C, 21.1% more iron, 29.3% more magnesium and 13.6% more phosphorus. In addition, organic products contain 15.1% less nitrates than similar product groups. What is also relevant for health concerns is the additional burden of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Vegan Breakfast consist in: A vegan diet contains only plants (such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits) and foods made from plants. Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs.

Oats themselves are vegan, so it’s all in the ingredients you use to make it. The main ingredient to worry about is the liquid used. Some say that you get a creamier result when you use water to make oatmeal. … I think that using the right milk, and cooking the oatmeal correctly will give you the creaminess you want.


The Traditional breakfast consist in: Catalan cuisine is one of the most admired cuisines in Spain and well-known all over the world. Typical Catalan food encompasses the highly valued Mediterranean diet, and it is one of the tastiest cuisines, combining ingredients from both land and sea. Catalonia combine extremely well: amb tomàquet (bread rubbed with ripe tomato) and pernil (ham). The bread, either toasted or not, is probably the most well-known Catalan dish, and it is delicious.


Ingredientsfor a plain tomato bread:


Organic Tomato
Local Produce

Extra virgin olive oil



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