Hebany Group eyes major expansion

After having firmly entrenched itself in the Spanish market Hebany Group is looking for major expansion in MENA region due to huge demands and higher returns.

The reason for expansion into MENA region was to upscale the tech ecosystem and take innovation to the next level as the brand constantly delivers value to the industry and society at large.

Mabel Hoyos, Director, Hebany Group said that the UAE remains a lucrative market for local and global investors. Elaborating her company specializes in plethora of sectors, she further stated: “We have interests in the pharmacological sector such as the distribution of vaccines, especially Dengue, Malaria and COVID. Metal sector Lithium, Copper, precious metals, gold, and especially rare metals, innovating materials for the aerospace industry, and in the food sector researching new agricultural production technology for to increase the quantity of healthy food production.”

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