Taste of Catalonian food in EXPO 2021

Mabel Hoyos Guijarro, Directora hebany posing with Chef Paco Perez

Food and culture play an important role in any country in our special run upto the Expo series we bring out various dishes which will be prepared especially for the audience this season.

Celebrity chef Paco Pérez who is a very well known Catalan chef who owns 5 Michelin stars was in Dubai recently during Expo to promote Catalonian food.  Vasuijt Kalia in conversation with Paco Perez during his recent Dubai visit to Expo.  

 (VasuJit Kalia): Can you tell us what brings you to Dubai?

(Paco Perez): Dubai is a wonderful city and has people from all over the world, my advise is that you should visit the place once at least. As for me I would love to come back again as this was just a short trip. 

(V K): Is this your first visit to Dubai and how has been your experience of this wonderful city and Expo in General?

(P P): I have been to Dubai more than 4 or 5 times but this particular time  I have come for the Expo 2020 to promote a delicious and savory taste of Catalonias.

Obviously it is an honor to be able to be in a fabulous country and to be able to represent my Catalan land in the form of gastronomy exclusively.

 (V K): What are the basic ingredients of the Catalonian food?

(P P): Traditional round bread, with a crunchy crust, tender crumbs and large alveolate, where at least the format is done manually. The whole process is carried out following a traditional elaboration with slow fermentations, always cooking the dough in refractory hearth ovens.

This bread, which has PGI, is the perfect product to prepare the universal pa ambtomàquet, which despite its simplicity is perhaps the greatest contribution to the world of Catalan gastronomy.

Our main food consists of  Sea Food, Mongetes del ganxet which is known as  ganxetmongetes which is a white beans, etc..

(V K): Do you see Catalonian food will appeal to the taste buds of the Middle East people?

(P P): Of course we have a variety of very interesting and fresh products. Hebany has taken on board the big project of promoting Catalan Food, together with Prodeca, beyond the Spanish borders and introduce it here as part of a new way of enjoying healthy food. All products are Halal and the possible combinations are considerable.

(V K): Are you dishing out something especially for the people in the Middle East in the Expo?

(PP): Well I am cooking a seafood rice with a flavor of Catalonias food also known as Paella Marisco.

It can be in black rice or else the normal paella rice too.

(V K):  Which is your favourite Catalonian dish and what makes it so close to your heart?

(PP): My favourite is the Sea food which is  important item in any Catalan food.